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A total of 4,500 households in Walthamstow are to be asked their views on the “Mini Holland” cycling initiative once the trial ends after three weeks.

West Avenue closed to through-traffic

West Avenue closed to through-traffic

A council official told me today that a wide survey of all affected homes – including many outside of the scheme’s boundary – would be asked a series of questions (see form below). This will influence the council’s decision on whether to make the scheme, or an amended version of it, permanent.

Questions include whether respondents supported the trial from the outset, whether they support them now and whether the closures were in the right place. Answers range from strongly agree to strongly disagree.


Orford Road closed to traffic

Orford Road closed to traffic

The Mini Holland trial – rather misleadingly dubbed the Pembroke Road scheme by the council, when Walthamstow village would have been a more accurate geographical description – appears to have split opinion in and around the village, if the various Walthamstow Facebook groups (Walthamstow Parents/Walthamstow Life etc) are anything to go by.

What’s immediately obvious is the huge impact on surrounding roads, with Lea Bridge Road and Hoe Street much more congested (they were already bad for most of the day).

But the Mini Holland trial, which concludes on October 13, has undoubtedly prevented the mass rat-running that was a particular problem in Orford Road. Whether it has merely diverted it is another matter.

Council officials were today asking passers-by to complete the questionnaire, prior to the door-knocking commencing.

Separately, activists for and against the scheme have set up on-line petitions.

To support Mini Holland, click here: https://www.change.org/p/waltham-forest-council-we-support-mini-holland-in-walthamstow-2

To vote against it, click here: http://www.change.org/p/london-borough-of-waltham-forest-council-stop-mini-holland-in-walthamstow

Cycle rack in Orford Road

Cycle rack in Orford Road