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Tulip Siddiq claimed victory for Labour in the most marginal seat in England – Hampstead and Kilburn – while former Director of Public prosecutions Sir Keir Starmer doubled the party’s majority in neighbouring Holborn and St Pancras.

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett came third in Holborn and St Pancras after seeing her vote increase five-fold.

Ms Siddiq, who turned Glenda Jackson’s 42-vote majority from 2010 into a comfortable 1,000-plus votes, brought her husband and family onto the podium to thank them for their part in her success.

Sir Keir, who was visibly strained at the catastrophic performance of his party outside London, vowed to fight against High Speed 2 in his role as MP for Holborn and St Pancras, where he replaces former Labour health secretary Frank Dobson.

Ms Bennett looked to the Green performance nationally as an indication of its success, claiming it now had more members than the Lib-Dems and UKIP and had earned a place at the centre of British politics.