Last week I visited Croydon hospital to meet about 60 of the staff who were involved in the emergency response to the Croydon tram crash last month that resulted in the death of seven passengers.

My story was published in the Evening Standard yesterday and was shared more than 3,000 times in the first 24 hours. Click here to read the story: http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/hospital-heroes-who-answered-call-to-help-croydon-tram-crash-victims-a3412286.html

Many more staff who were involved on the day were unable to attend the photocall. Here is a list of those known to have helped:

Dr Kathryn Channing, lead consultant, emergency department
Rev Andy Dovey, ecumenical chaplain
Trevane Wallbank, chaplaincy
Martha Noah, senior social worker
Asta Uleviciene, administrative supervisor
Robyn Jenkins, acute oncology service
Dr Nicola Beech, head of nursing for cancer
Sue Pringle, superintendent manager
Julie Pullen, clinic co-ordinator
Jessica Davis, radiographer
Cynthia Walters, radiographer, superintendent in A&E X-ray
Emma McBride, radiographer
Linda Orth, A&E liaison
Aisling Vaugh, operational manager
Christine Murphy, admin manager
Trish Howell, administrator
Valerie Moy, ward clerk
Shelley Biles, emergency service clerk
Nigel Day, surgeon
Susan Moonasar, emergency services clerk
Sarah McLaggan, paediatric emergency department matron
Dr Reza Motazed, acute medical consultant
Dr Ashok Iyer, acute medical consultant
Alison Smith, deputy chief operating officer
Pam Stephens, head of nursing 24/7 team
Becky Eldridge, emergency department senior paediatric sister
Chanrika Ramnaggessur, porter
Novlett Brown, theatre healthcare assistant
Victoria Slayford, paediatric sister
Karen Lewis, theatre nurse
Jescelyn Villamor, anaesthetic nurse
Joicy Joseph, theatre practitioner
Jijeesh Marotikunnath vija, staff nurse
Declan O’Gorman, operating department orderly
Dominique Maskey, matron
Dr Simon Wood, consultant intensivist/anaesthetist
Olivia Mulora, theatre nurse
Talitha McDonald, theatre sister
Hayley Amat, switchboard
Carolyn Wright, switchboard
Malcolm Stamp, switchboard
Fanita Owusu, theatres practitioner
Dr Katty Amir-Ansari, consultant anaesthetist
Dr Amy Veena Sangam, anaesthetic registrar
Stella Vig, clinical director
Jeanette Albert, communications officer
Tomasz Duchnowski, porter
Foster Owusu, porter
Vijay Ramsurn, porter
Azeez Bawa, porter
Daniel Martin, porter
Dr Sarah Horne, emergency medicine consultant
Dr Georgina Blanco, A&E registrar
Jolita Zarnani, head of nursing, A&E and UCC
Laura Donnelly, paediatric emergency department nurse
Dr Suhbra Banerjee, emergency department consultant
Clive Thompson, security supervisor
Prince Eshilokun, patient services manager
Anne Kiragu, catering retail manager
Sylvie Moore, control room
Christopher Jones, kitchen manager
Alfonso Sarcone, chef
Daniel Parker, control room administrator
Amanda Moss, head of nursing, critical care surgery
Jacqueline Green, nurse consultant
Mike Hayward, deputy director of nursing