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Bio: I'm the Health Editor and City Hall Editor on the London Evening Standard. This is my personal blog featuring off-cuts and longer versions of stories from my day-job, plus some that didn't make the paper. Please contact me at: ross.lydall@standard.co.uk

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5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello, Ross You did a very interesting piece in the 20th October issue of Evening Standard about Stroke patients being treated at St. George’s Hospital.

    However, yesterday,when I did a Google search about St. George’s Hospital I found that it has been put under “special measures”.

    Can you please say something about whether the department that you wrote about still exists at St. George’s?

    Furthermore, are there Blogs or contact email addresses for the Consultant neurologist Dr Bhavini Patel and the interventional neuroradiologist Dr Joe Leyon? who you mention in your piece.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Hi Ross,

    I saw your child brain cancer article in the Standard. I thought it would interest you that a Dr. Burzynski (Houston) has cured at least two patients with a DIPG, and many more with supposedly incurable brain tumors.

    I’ve personally been researching Dr. Burzynski and his treatment of Antineoplastons for 20-years. I have spoken with some of his patients, many of them parents of kids who had supposedly incurable brain tumors, but whom Dr. Burzynski has cured (more than 10-years cancer free).

    I recently recorded an interview with Hannah Bradley in the UK, a brain tumor survivor who was given 18 months to live by her oncologist. The tumor has gone after taking Antineoplastons,

    Not only does Antineoplastons save lives, there are zero long-term side effects. The patients are perfectly healthy. As you know, this is very different to Radiation and Chemotherapy, which causes serious damage to your body.

    I try to raise people’s awareness of Antineoplastons because it has saved many peoples lives (it does not work all the time) who had some of the worst brain tumours that exist. I can put you in contact with some patients and/or Dr. Burzynski if you are interested.

    I thank you for your time,
    Gavin Phillips.

  3. Geraldine Fox said:

    Dear Ross Lydall,
    I would like you to make contact with myself about a nightmare that is happening within Imperial College NHS Trust and is being allowed to continue. I have been fighting the Coroners in London to not allow my late husbands inquest be conducted on fraudulent notes etc.
    He died on 5th/Dec/2016 and since then I have been seeking to stop inquest going ahead based on lies. Under their Safe Haven Space I strongly believe that notes are being edited to a very high standard.
    I have substantial evidence and have had
    Disclosure and discrepancy issues verified by x2 different law firms but when it came to the PIRs, they choose NOT to insist on the truth.

  4. Mrs Geraldine Fox said:

    Hi, I wonder could you take the time to contact myself as I feel that you may be able to help and that you would be interested in my story.
    My late husband died on 5th/Dec/2016 in St Mary’s Hospital in London.
    Since then I have been fighting to not allow Westminster Coroners Court to conduct my late husbands inquest with the very much edited version of his EMR. In my now “6th” set of notes which were “by order “ of the 2nd Coroner, who failed dismally when she took over from the 1st coroner, after he unknowingly divulged about Rule 23 to my then barrister.
    In the 6th set of notes which were supplied to me by the legal team at Imperial College, they have actually gave me further evidence that my late husband’s EMR, is indeed highly edited. This can be verified by medical notes pertaining to Sept 2014 from RVH Belfast, as this was where my husband had emergency surgery to save his life.
    Unfortunately my story is a very long saga, but I can assure you that under the Safe Haven Space with Imperial College NHS Trust, within their Health Records in Hammersmith Hospital , medical notes are being severely edited and presented as a report!
    If you can’t help with publicity, can you give me another contact point.
    Sorry I forgot to say that my late husband died on 5th Dec 2016 , and Westminster Coroners Court have been unable to conduct any inquest.
    I will also add that I would be willing to travel to speak with you if you think that you can help. I do have a local prominent newspaper who is going to run a story but I have heard that you might be interested.

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